UT62L5128LS-55LLI 数据手册 PDF

零件编号 : UT62L5128LS-55LLI

功能 : Access time 55 ns, 512 K x 8 Bit low power CMOS SRAM

制造商 : Utron Technology Inc

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UT62L5128LS-55LLI datasheet


The UT62L5128 is a 4,194,304-bit high speed CMOS static random access memory organized as 524,288 words by 8 bits. It is fabricated using high performance, high reliability CMOS technology.

The UT62L5128 is designed for high speed system applications. It is particularly well suited for battery back-up nonvolatile memory applications.

The UT62L5128 operates from a single 2.7V~3.6V power supply and all inputs and outputs are fully TTL compatible.

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