MAX128BC 数据手册 PDF

零件编号 : MAX128BC

功能 : Multirange, +5V, 12-bit DAS with 2-wire serial interface. INL(LSB) +1,-1

制造商 : Maxim Integrated

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MAX128BC datasheet


The MAX127/MAX128 are multirange, 12-bit data acquisition systems (DAS) that require only a single +5V supply for operation, yet accept signals at their analog inputs that may span above the power-supply rail and below ground.

These systems provide eight analog input channels that are independently software programmable for a variety of ranges: ±10V, ±5V, 0 to +10V, 0 to +5V for the MAX127; and ±VREF, ±VREF/2, 0 to +VREF, 0 to +VREF/2 for the MAX128.


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