LM25085 数据手册 PDF

零件编号 : LM25085

功能 : LM25085, LM25085-Q1 42V Constant On-Time PFET Buck Switching Controller

制造商 : Texas Instruments

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LM25085 datasheet


The LM25085 is a high efficiency PFET switching regulator controller that can be used to quickly and easily develop a small, efficient buck regulator for a wide range of applications. This high voltage controller contains a PFET gate driver and a high voltage bias regulator which operates over a wide 4.5V to 42V input range. The constant on-time regulation principle requires no loop compensation, simplifies circuit implementation, and results in ultra-fast load transient response.

The operating frequency remains nearly constant with line and load variations due to the inverse relationship between the input voltage and the on-time. The PFET architecture allows 100% duty cycle operation for a low dropout voltage. Either the R DS(ON) of the PFET or an external sense resistor can be used to sense current for over current detection.


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