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零件编号 : AD8342

功能 : Active Receive Mixer LF to 3 GHz

制造商 : Analog Devices

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AD8342 datasheet


The AD8342 is a high performance, broadband active mixer. It is well suited for demanding receive-channel applications that require wide bandwidth on all ports and very low inter modulation distortion and noise figure.

The AD8342 provides a typical conversion gain of 3.7 dB with an RF frequency of 238 MHz. The integrated LO driver presents a 50 Ω input impedance with a low LO drive level, helping to minimize the external component count.

* Broadband RF, LO, and IF ports
* Conversion gain: 3.7 dB
* Noise figure: 12.2 dB
* Input IP3: 22.7 dBm
* Input P1dB: 8.3 dBm
* LO drive: 0 dBm
* Differential high impedance RF input port
* Single-ended, 50 Ω LO input port
* Open-collector IF output port
* Single-supply operation: 5 V @ 98 mA
* Power-down mode
* Exposed paddle LFCSP: 3 mm × 3 mm

* Cellular base station receivers
* ISM receivers
* Radio links
* RF instrumentation

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