8893CRCNG7D65 数据手册, Pinout – EEPROM – Toshiba

零件编号 : 8893CRCNG7D65, TMPA8893CRCNG7D65

制造商 : Toshiba



TMPA8893CRCNG7D65 adapt to 14”to 29”color TV.

图像 :

8893CRCNG7D65 Image

1、TV decode
1. Built in trap filter, band filter and PIF VCO circuit.
2. Black level stretch,luminance r-correct function.
3. PAL/NTSC decode.
4. Two sound input terminal, two volume control output terminal, one sound output
terminal, have stereo sound control.
� Support two AV mono sound input, haven’t 4052 control.
� Stereo input, stereo output.
2、Software control function
1. Voltage tuner:14 bits PWM output,,full channel range.
Frequency tuner: can support normal sacn mode(38M and 38.9M).
Channel number: 250.
2. Auto initialize the data of E2PROM.
3. Auto select the color system of PAL and NTSC.
4. The sound system is optional to:4.5M、5.5M、6.0M、6.5M.
5. Mono sound and stereo sound is optional.
6. The power on mode is optional
7. Can support two AV input, S-VIDEO, YUV input.


8893CRCNG7D65 Datasheet

8893CRCNG7D65 Datasheet Pinout
Datasheet Download : [ 8893CRCNG7D65.PDF ]